Car Wash Tips

Be sure to remove any bike racks, hitches, and roof racks. Truck beds need to be empty. The soft touch brushes contour your car from front to back. Anything that could catch the brush needs to be removed to prevent damage.

A presoak is important when your vehicle is dirty. Presoak helps to loosen the road film so the wash soap can do its job.

How to use the Laser Wash

Step 1: Make your selection at the Pay Station. Please note that the two higher wash packages have two passes of soap for more effective cleaning. The top wash package features triple foam and extra rinse. 

Step 2: Wait for the arrow just outside the bay to turn green and invite you in.

Step 3: Pull forward slowly and wait for the green arrow in the bay to tell you to stop. If you pull in too far, it will tell you to back up. Back up slowly until it tells you to stop. The machine needs to position you so it can wash your car.

Step 4:Put your car in park and wait for the wash process to complete.

Car Wash Options

Wash and Dry:

Premium Wash:

The Works:

The Overglow:

More frequent washing, aids in making your vehicle easier to clean and helps protect your vehicle's finish.


Grease and oil can build up on your car when driving in the rain.

In order to remove these deposits, the car often needs to be touched. Likewise, if your car has not been washed in a while, or has deposits of bird droppings or excessive grime, chemicals and pressure alone may not be enough to thoroughly clear your car.

Please, do not expect our touch free wash to remove all the road film. It can remove the "top layer," but it may leave some film behind.

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What is a Laser Car Wash?

Laser car washes use the latest technology to get your car clean. Compared to other touch-free methods it gets your car cleaner.

What kind of soaps are used to clean the car?

All soaps and waxes used are specifically tailored to wash cars, unlike a dish detergent you might use at home. Waxes are designed to help protect the car's finish.

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